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Integral blend of crystalline sealant

Test data and performance:

Permeability Test (CRD C48-92): Showed a greater than 70% reduction in water leakage compared to control samples below 200 psi (462 ft of head pressure [13.8 bar]).

Water penetration (DIN 1048): Showed a 40% reduction in water penetration compared to control samples below 72 psi (166 feet of head pressure [5.0 bar]).

Compressive strength (ASTM C 39): resulted in an increase of up to 8% in strength compared to control samples.

Rapid chloride penetration (ASTM C 1202): Showed a 10% improvement in durability compared to control samples.


As an integral mixture of crystalline sealant, it offers many advantages in improving the durability and sealing capabilities of concrete structures. With its ease of use, compatibility with various applications and proven performance, it provides a reliable and cost-effective solution. For more information and tailored dosage recommendations, consult withExpert waterproofing consultant

Instructions for use:

To ensure effective dispersion, VANDEX AM 10 should be added to the initial batch sequence while mixing the buffer. The concrete should be mixed for at least 8-10 minutes after all the ingredients have been batched. It is important not to add VANDEX AM 10 after the introduction of the cementitious components to avoid undesirable setting characteristics. Dosage recommendations generally range from 1 to 2% by weight of cementitious material, depending on the application.

Areas of application:

Eliminates or reduces water penetration, making it suitable for both interior and exterior waterproofing applications.

There are no negative effects on compressive strength or setting time when used with Portland cement.

Easy to use as a powder material, with negligible effect on working time and increased flexibility.

Improves chemical resistance and provides a cost-effective solution compared to other methods.

Allows vapor dispersion in concrete, maintaining its breathability.

Key features and benefits:

VANDEX AM 10 is a dry powder mixture specially formulated to interact with the capillary pore structures of concrete, providing a waterproof seal. Its active chemicals combine with free lime and moisture present in the capillaries, forming insoluble crystalline complexes. These crystals effectively block capillaries and minor shrinkage cracks, prevent water penetration even at high pressure, while allowing the passage of water vapor for optimal breathing.

Understanding VANDEX AM 10:

VANDEX AM 10, an integral mixture of crystalline sealant, plays a decisive role in improving the properties of the concrete and creating a permanent sealing system. As a waterproofing specialist, I would like to highlight the features, areas of application and performance of VANDEX AM 10 in diverse construction projects.

Improving concrete durability with VANDEX AM 10 crystalline sealing admixture: expert analysis

סיבי ניילון כתוסף לבטון

VANDEX AM 10 is versatile and can be applied to various construction projects, including:


Waste treatment facilities

Foundations and basements

Marine structures

Precast concrete

Tunnels and subways

Dams and reservoirs

Sewage pits

underground vaults

parking structures

swimming pools

Water retention structures

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