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Hydrophobic cementitious sealant


Brush Application: Apply Vandex BB75 from bottom to top, working sideways to remove excess. Fill all voids and air holes, making sure no trapped air is included. If two layers are applied, it is recommended to apply the second layer while the first layer is still damp on the surface.

Spoon application: apply an initial scraping layer for maximum adhesion, working from the bottom up. Fill all voids and air holes, except for trapped air. Apply the first layer at the specified thickness (refer to Table 1). If two layers are applied, it is recommended to apply the second layer while the first layer is still damp on the surface.

Application of Vandex BB75 / BB White / BB75 Z:

It is important to note that Vandex BB75 is not intended to provide a decorative finish. In most cases, the sealing layer of Vandex BB75 is covered with a suitable plaster such as Vandex Refurbishment Plaster.


Vandex BB White is a variant of Vandex BB75 that uses white portland cement. Its characteristic white color makes it particularly suitable for bare surfaces, such as drinking water reservoirs.


Vandex BB75 Z is specially formulated with improved sulfate resistance, making it suitable for use in wastewater treatment plants and sewer/sewer renovation projects.

After curing, Vandex BB75 forms a waterproof coating that has been tested up to 7 bar of pressure. It can withstand active and passive water pressures and is approved for use in contact with potable water. Vandex BB75 exhibits excellent initial and final adhesion capabilities, making it suitable for horizontal and vertical surfaces. It is also resistant to frost and heat after setting while remaining vapor permeable. The properties of Vandex BB75 can be further improved by using liquid polymers of Vandex PK75 or Vandex Cemelast as metering solutions, resulting in products known as Vandex BB75 E and Vandex Cemelast.

Basement/basement waterproofing and renovation

Underground parking lots

Retaining walls

pick up pits

Tanks/reservoirs/water treatment works

Sealing sewage/sewage treatment facilities (BB75 Z)

Fish ponds and water facilities

Below are typical areas of application:

Vandex BB75 is a hydrophobic cementitious sealant designed to provide protection against water and moisture. It is typically applied by trowel or spray to surfaces such as concrete, masonry and plaster that require sealing and protection.

Vandex BB75 / BB White / BB75 Z

אריזה ומר איטום ונדקס

Repair any structural defects before applying Vandex BB75.

Remove surface materials, shutter release agents, curing compounds, loose particles, etc., using methods such as sandblasting, high pressure water jetting or wire brushing.

Pre-water surfaces for treatment with Vandex BB75 to ensure thorough saturation. The surface should be moist but not wet, and any surface water on horizontal surfaces should be removed.

Mix Vandex BB75 with water according to the instructions, usually 25 kg of Vandex BB75 with 4.5 - 6 liters of water. Mix for at least 3 minutes with a mechanical mixer.

Spray application:

The spray finish provides an "orange peel" texture that is easy to clean. The waiting time before applying the second layer is about 4-6 hours, depending on the local climate conditions such as humidity and temperature. Be careful not to damage the first layer during the application of the second layer. The nozzle must be held at a 90° angle to the treated substrate, and the distance between the nozzle and the surface will vary depending on the spray gun and the compressed air used.

For maximum effectiveness, it is essential to keep the applied layers of Vandex BB75 moist for at least 5 days and protect them from evaporation caused by sun and wind. Regular watering should be done after watering at intervals starting the day after application. Alternatively, the surfaces can be covered with plastic sheets, wet mats or wet sand. It is not recommended to use healing compounds.

Freshly treated surfaces should be protected from rain for at least 24 hours, and protection from frost should be ensured for at least 5 days. If necessary, cover the surfaces with insulating mats.


For detailed application instructions, see the Vandex BB75 Application Instructions, which can be downloaded in PDF format from the 'Downloads' tab on the appropriate web page.


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