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A revolutionary mineral-based sealing system

The solution represents a significant advance in mineral-based sealing systems. Its exceptional performance, supported by various certificates and testimonies, underlines its effectiveness in protecting buildings against moisture damage. With its ease of application, wide range of applications and impressive technical specifications, KÖSTER NB 1 Gray has become a trusted solution for contractors and engineers looking for reliable waterproofing solutions. By using this innovative system, construction projects can achieve superior protection against water ingress, ensuring the longevity and durability of buildings.

Applying KÖSTER NB 1 Gray is a simple process. Before application, the infrastructure must be properly prepared, making sure it is clean, free of bond-breaking materials and with open pores. The material is mixed with water or additional additives such as KÖSTER SB-Bonding Emulsion or KÖSTER NB 1 Flex, depending on the specific requirements. Then apply the resulting slurry in at least two layers using brushes or suitable spraying devices. The system exhibits excellent technical properties, including high adhesive tensile strength, water resistance, freeze-thaw resistance and stability.

Ease of application and technical specifications:

KÖSTER NB 1 Gray offers many advantages that make it a preferred choice for sealing applications. Its positive and negative side sealing capabilities against water under pressure, along with its crystallization properties, provide a comprehensive solution for various structures. The system is suitable for a wide range of infrastructures including concrete, masonry, cement plaster, shotcrete and more. It can be applied in basements, tunnels, pools, sewage treatment plants, drinking water tanks and other critical areas where sealing is essential.

Advantages and applications:

To further verify its performance, KÖSTER NB 1 Gray has obtained several certifications and test certificates from reputable institutes and organizations. These include the national technical approval P-5101/838/14 MPA BS, test certificates of the Institute of Hygiene according to DVGW regulations and drinking water recommendations, European technical assessment ETA-17/0025, BBA Agrément certificate, technical approvals of the Institute for Building Research in Warsaw, and a manufacturer's production control certificate of the Krakow Institute of Ceramics and Building Materials. These certificates testify to the reliability of the system and its compliance with industry standards.

Certifications and testimonials:

KÖSTER NB 1 Gray is a mineral coating that combines solidifying and capillary blocking materials. It offers excellent resistance to pressure, abrasion and chemicals, making it ideal for sealing against soil moisture, non-pressurized water and even pressurized water up to 13 bar. By penetrating the structural substrate and plugging capillaries, the solution creates a strong bond, which ensures long-term, waterproof protection. Furthermore, the crystallization reactions of the slurry contribute to a self-healing effect, minimizing the effect of microcracks.

Outstanding sealing properties:

In the construction industry, the importance of effective sealing cannot be overstated. Moisture penetration can lead to structural damage, and damage to the integrity of the buildings. KÖSTER NB 1 Grey, a mineral-based waterproofing system, has proven to be a revolutionary solution to the fight against water infiltration in construction projects. This article explores the main features and applications of the KÖSTER NB 1 Grey, highlighting its exceptional performance and credentials.


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