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Different and special needs during the planning of the project's waterproofing systems dictate dedicated and special solutions to meet the need for all this while taking into account budget dictates, field conditions, execution problems, weather conditions and more.

The sealing technologies 

Sealing technologies and applications 

טכנולוגיות ישומי איטום

Advanced unique sealing solutions

Sealing against groundwater using technologies 

and advanced sealing systems for penetrating pipes (water, electricity communication, etc.)  Mainly in water reservoirs, machine rooms, special elevator shafts, underground walls, etc.

  Penetrating pipes and groundwater


Sealing against toxic gases according to the specifications of the Ministry of the Environment, is critical both in the procedural aspect with the authorities (to receive Form 4) and perhaps more importantly, to protect the building's residents and visitors.

Sealing of toxic gases


איטום לפי ההלכה

Sealing systems that meet the needs according to  The laws of Israel, for pooling pits  and hope 

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Sealing according to the law


איטום שלילי לחץ מים 13 באר

Solutions for water infiltration in existing buildings with the help of advanced sealing systems and innovative work techniques, based on cement mixtures (negative seals)

negative sealing


Advanced sealing systems for sealing against chlorides, industrial sewage, food acids, industrial acids, oily fuels and soil pollutants.

Advanced sealing systems such as polyurea for the various issues, other advanced materials, depending on the need and conditions.

Digestive (corrosive) substances


קיינות מערכות איטום

Advanced waterproofing systems for concrete roofs with solar systems that allow the waterproofing to last for at least 15 years.

exist for sealing systems


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