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One-component cementitious leveling compound 

איטום צמנטי ופילוס

In conclusion: the product proves to be a reliable and effective solution for non-structural concrete repairs. Its exceptional properties, the easy application process and the compliance with the technical standards make it an excellent choice for achieving a uniform and smooth surface finish or a substrate suitable for painting. 

For health and safety information, see the Safety Data Sheet available on the official VANDEX website.

For more information or assistance, send an inquiry by contacting the phone number.

For optimal healing, it is essential to keep the treated surfaces moist for at least 5 days and provide adequate protection against extreme weather conditions, such as sun, wind and frost. Additionally, protect freshly treated surfaces from rain for at least 24 hours.


Before applying VANDEX CRS LEVELING COMPOUND LC, proper surface preparation is essential. For application to concrete, it is essential to remove loose material, dust, oil, dirt, and ensure a lightly damp surface.


To achieve the desired consistency, it is recommended to mechanically mix 25 kg of VANDEX CRS LEVELING COMPOUND LC with 4-5 liters of clean water. Mix again briefly after a short waiting time and avoid adding more water.


Application of VANDEX CRS LEVELING COMPOUND LC to a damp substrate is best done using standard application techniques. Lifetime may vary depending on temperature, usually lasts about 30 minutes. Regular stirring during use is essential. Avoid application at temperatures below 5°C or on frozen substrates.


In terms of consumption, about 1.8 kg/m2 of VANDEX CRS LEVELING COMPOUND LC is needed to achieve a layer thickness of 1 mm. The recommended layer thickness ranges from 1 mm to 5 mm.


VANDEX CRS LEVELING COMPOUND LC is an exceptional one-component cementitious leveling compound designed to achieve a uniform and smooth surface finish on concrete repairs and surfaces. With excellent workability and easy application, it offers a variety of advantages for non-structural repairs.


This ready compound is ideal for various applications, including providing a uniform surface, filling pores and holes, scratch coats and as a base coat for painting. It can effectively repair minor defects on concrete surfaces, and offers versatility for horizontal, vertical and overhead use.


When it comes to properties, the VANDEX CRS LEVELING COMPOUND LC stands out. Its polymer-modified composition allows the creation of a uniform and smooth surface finish or a substrate suitable for painting. It excels at filling blow holes and repairing minor damage, as long as there is no corrosion in the reinforcement.

The perfect solution for repairing concrete surfaces.

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