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Renewal of profile and concrete coating

שיקום בטונים

Horizontal, vertical and overhead application:

This versatile spray mortar is designed to address the various project requirements. Its suitability for horizontal, vertical and overhead applications allows contractors to achieve consistent and reliable results on different surfaces and directions.

Local concrete defects:

Whether renewing aging concrete structures or restoring damaged surfaces, VANDEX CEMLINE MG 4 excels in re-profiling and coating applications. Its compatibility with diverse concrete surfaces ensures seamless integration and a consistent and visually appealing finish.

Re-profiling and coating:

VANDEX CEMLINE MG 4 exhibits exceptional versatility, making it suitable for a wide range of applications on different concrete surfaces.

Applications on different surfaces:

Waterproof: VANDEX CEMLINE MG 4 creates a strong waterproof barrier when applied at a minimum thickness of 8 mm. Its ability to resist water penetration ensures durability and protection against moisture-related problems.


Low Shrinkage: The mortar's unique formula minimizes shrinkage, reduces the risk of cracking and improves the overall integrity of the repaired surface. This feature contributes to the mortar's long-term performance and guarantees reliable results.


Excellent workability: VANDEX CEMLINE MG 4 offers excellent workability, allowing smooth application and easy manipulation. Its consistent and homogeneous consistency ensures optimal performance during the repair process.


Low depreciation: VANDEX CEMLINE MG 4 significantly reduces material waste and improves productivity. This feature allows contractors to maximize the efficient use of mortar, ultimately saving time and costs.

As one of the solutions for professionals engaged in profile renewal and concrete coating projects, VANDEX CEMLINE MG 4 stands out. This cement spray mortar consists of a well-balanced composition of cement, graded quartz, fibers and carefully selected additives. As a result, it presents a number of beneficial features that ensure long-lasting and reliable repairs.

אריזת חומר לשיקום בטונים

VANDEX CEMLINE MG 4 is the ideal solution for treating local concrete defects. Its easy application and its ability to fill voids effectively contribute to the restoration of the structural integrity of damaged areas.


VANDEX CEMLINE MG 4 represents a breakthrough in fiber-reinforced spray and repair mortar technology. Its unique composition and exceptional properties, including waterproofing, low shrinkage, excellent workability and minimal return, make it an excellent choice for professionals in the concrete repair industry. Moreover, VANDEX CEMLINE MG 4 meets the strict requirements of German drinking water, ensuring the highest standards of safety and reliability. By using VANDEX CEMLINE MG 4, contractors can safely undertake concrete repair and re-profiling projects, knowing they are using a premium product that guarantees long-lasting, flawless results.

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