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Environmentally friendly, one-component sealant

איטום גגות המיועדים למערכות סולריות

Details and corners:

For connections, the KÖSTER MS-Flexfolie should extend at least 15 cm above the top edge of the cover. When connecting KÖSTER roofing membranes or other waterproofing products using MS-Flexfolie, the MS-Flexfolie should be at least 15 cm above the level of the waterproofing the horizontal


Apply the first layer of KÖSTER MS-Flexfolie using a brush, roller or slotted spoon. Immediately place the KÖSTER Superfleece into the fresh MS-Flexfolie without creating wrinkles or bubbles, and press it down with a roller. Apply the second layer "fresh in fresh" to achieve a total layer thickness of at least 2.1 mm including the reinforcement layer. Make sure the wool reinforcement is fully covered and extend the MS-Flexfolie at least 5 cm beyond the fleece. At the edges, the sealant should cover the wool and extend at least 2 cm. The temperature range for processing should be between +5 °C and +30 °C. Allow about 4 days for the sealant to dry completely, depending on the weather.

substrate preparation:


Nylon fur roller

slotted spoon


duct tape

protective glasses

KÖSTER TPO cleaning tissues


Grinding wheel

protective gloves


Connections and difficult details with KÖSTER TPO, TPO Pro and ECB roofing membranes, for example, on balcony doors.

Creating difficult details with KÖSTER synthetic roofing membranes, such as beams.

Connecting KÖSTER roofing membranes with other synthetic membranes.

Connecting KÖSTER roofing membranes to other materials, including rigid PVC, metals, bitumen, etc.

Areas of application:

KÖSTER MS-Flexfolie is an environmentally friendly, one-component, solvent-free sealant. It is very elastic and can bridge cracks, making it suitable for various applications. The material is based on MS polymers and exhibits excellent adhesion to a wide variety of substrates. It can be applied to both dry and slightly damp surfaces. KÖSTER MS-Flexfolie is a liquid material that allows smooth integration into complex architectural details. It is UV resistant and approved for use as a roof sealant according to the EAD 030350-00-0402 standard (formerly ETAG 005). The material is isocyanate-free, quickly becomes resistant to rain, withstands occasional foot traffic, and is resistant to aging, hydrolysis, salt and frost.


איטום ריצפה בחדרי זרוכית באזור פתוח למי גשם

The substrate must be dry to slightly damp and free of frost, grease, oil and layers. Old paint, oil, grease and organic matter must be removed by grinding or milling. Concrete substrates must cure for at least 28 days. Weathered or contaminated plastic membranes should be cleaned with KÖSTER TPO Cleaner. Processing on copper, PVC membranes, EPDM and permanently wet areas is not possible.

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