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GCP PREPRUFE composite sheets

ממברנות איטום HDPE

For detailed information and specific application instructions, please refer to the most recent product data sheets, technical bulletins and detail drawings available on the GCP website ( or consult GCP Technical Services. Safety and handling instructions, as well as storage recommendations, must be observed, as detailed in the product label and the safety data sheets (SDS).

Method of application:

It is important to pay attention to the usage limitations, temperature requirements, substrate preparation instructions, membrane application instructions, membrane repair procedures, concrete pouring considerations and the need for protective measures after removing the formwork.

The system components include different grades of membranes for horizontal and vertical use, films to cover cut edges and detailing, a liquid membrane to seal around penetration, water stops for joints, tie covers for soil retention walls and groutable water stops for concrete joints and permeability.

System components:

Continuous adhesive bond: the membranes form a continuous bond with concrete, preventing water migration and remaining unaffected by soil settlement under the panels.


Waterproof Seams: The fully taped ZipLap™ seams ensure superior performance even in harsh conditions, without the need for special equipment, heat or power.


Easy installation: the coverless design allows for efficient and reliable installation, while reducing installation time and waste at the construction site. The membranes can be easily rolled or kicked out for installation.


Self-defense: the works can be continued immediately after the application and they are ready for the immediate placement of reinforcement. They are not affected by the wet working conditions and cannot act prematurely.


Built-in sealing: the membranes are inherently sealed as supplied and do not require water application. They provide a passive, non-reactive sealing system that is not dependent on pressures or hydration.


Resistance to chemicals and gases: PREPRUFE® 300R/160R Plus membranes are designed to protect structures against salt or sulfate attack. They also limit the ingress of various gases such as methane, radon, benzene, toluene, gasoline, trichlorethylene and tetrachlorethylene (TCE/PCE) from landfills and other sources.

Below are some advantages of using PREPRUFE® 300R/160R Plus membranes:

GCP PREPRUFE® 300R/160R Plus pre-assembled waterproofing membranes are composite sheets designed to provide a strong water, moisture and gas barrier to concrete structures. These membranes consist of a thick HDPE film, a pressure-sensitive adhesive and a weather-resistant protective coating.


The membranes are designed with Advanced Bond Technology™ and double adhesive ZipLap™ seams, which form an integral bond with poured concrete. This connection prevents water penetration and lateral migration, and ensures that the structure remains protected.

Product description

פרפרוף 300 איטום כנגד גזים רעילים
יעוץ איטום טכנולוגיות יחודיות
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