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Moshe Katz is a seasoned and experienced sealing consultant

silk. Sealing Consulting is a consulting company owned by Moshe Katz, an expert in the field of planning sealing and thermal insulation systems.

איטום קיר תמך לבניין משרדים

Moshe Katz, sealing and thermal insulation expert, has gained over 25 years of experience in the field. He previously served as an expert for Nirlat and Bitum, one of the leaders in the field of advanced sealing products. As part of his position, he provided advice and support to the company's clients in engineering projects and in various construction phases, as well as appearing as an expert witness in the courts.

Moshe's expertise includes planning and accompanying projects at various stages, as well as a variety of sealing and thermal insulation solutions. He specializes in sealing roofs, wet rooms, swimming pools, public buildings, private houses and saturated construction. He also provides waterproofing consulting for TAMA 38 and urban renewal projects.

Moshe has extensive experience working with a variety of clients, among the largest and leading in Israel. He is known for his professional knowledge, his excellent service and his ability to find effective and cost-effective sealing solutions.

My story

משה כץ יועץ איטום בכיר בעבודה

In recent years more and more failures  On the subject of sealing, it is becoming clear in the courts, the total number of lawsuits in the last year on the issues of moisture, humidity and water infiltration into buildings amounted to millions of shekels from indirect and direct damages of failed sealing and insulation works.

The reasons are many, starting with design failure, not using a sealing consultant for the purpose of planning sealing systems, employing unprofessional "sealing contractors", and ending with the use of unsuitable sealing systems.

For several years now we have been used as a professional body both as an expert witness for the purpose of testifying in the courts, as an examiner of sealing and thermal insulation systems as needed for reports on findings I have found for lawyers, legal advisors and courts.

Legal advice for attorneys, arbitrations and courts

חווד ודוחות לגורמי שיפוט בתחום האיטום

We are committed to creating a safe work environment for all our employees, customers and partners.



We believe in full transparency throughout the project with our customers and partners.



We are committed to providing our employees with opportunities for personal and professional development, in order to promote innovation in the company and are committed to technological and business innovation, in order to offer our customers the best solutions.

development and innovation


We believe in the importance of cooperation between employees, suppliers and partners, in order to achieve our goals.



Obliged to behave responsibly, towards our employees, our customers, and the environment.



We are committed to high standards of professionalism in all areas of our activity.



Always available, when I'm not on a jeep trip

Moshe Katz

Senior waterproofing consultant


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