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Fibers that prevent cracks and shrinkage of concrete

שימוש בסיבים לחיזוק בטון

In conclusion: Overall, Kratos macro fibers are an excellent choice for making concrete stronger and preventing cracking. They are easy to use and designed to work well in various construction projects.

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Fiber grade: EN 14889-2 Class II

Raw material: polypropylene

Density: 0.91 grams per cubic centimeter

Length: 54 millimeters

Filament diameter: 0.95 millimeter

Elastic modulus: 7.2 GPa

Tensile strength: 530 MPa

Acid and alkali resistance: high

Corrosion resistance: high

Melting point: 160 degrees Celsius

Number of fibers per kilogram: 28,000

These fibers come with documentation that provides additional information if needed.

Here are some technical details about these fibers:

To use these fibers, we need to add the right amount. This usually ranges from 2 to 10 kilograms per cubic meter of concrete. The correct dosage is important to get the best results.

These fibers can be used in things like industrial floors, tunnels, airports and more. They are easy to mix into the concrete and apply. They were manufactured using advanced technology and meet industry standards, so they are reliable and safe to use.

Macro synthetic fiber reinforcement Kratos is a special material made of polypropylene, known for its strength. It helps strengthen the concrete and prevents cracking and shrinkage. Concrete can sometimes crack when bearing heavy loads, but these fibers can help prevent that.


When we mix these fibers into concrete, they are evenly distributed throughout, making the entire structure stronger. This is important because concrete is used in many different construction projects.

PP macro fibers

סיבי מיקרו לחיזוק בטון כנגד סדקים ואטימה
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