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One-component bituminous polyurethane BPU 10

פטופ עם פוליאוריטן ביטומני
The material is flammable, so be careful when using it near an open flame.
Avoid using an open flame near a surface coated with this material for at least 10 days after application.
Extra care should be taken in enclosed areas to ensure adequate ventilation.
Avoid inhaling material vapors.
Avoid contact with skin and eyes.
Use protective equipment that provides adequate protection for the user's respiratory system, eyes and skin.

For wet rooms and balconies:

Mix well 10 BPU in a mechanical mixer at low speed at low rpm. Apply 10 BPU in 3 - 4 layers, with a total amount of 4 kg/m2 3 mm thick. Waiting time of 8 - 12 hours between layers. For vertical surfaces, it is recommended to use V10 BPU, which has a thicker consistency, to achieve sufficient thickness without sagging.

Drying before immersion test: 24 hours.

Final drying time: 5 days.


total consumption:

For normal wet rooms and small balconies: 4 kg/m2 thickness 3 mm.

For flat roofs, basement walls and special applications: according to the design.

Packaging: 25 kg.

Method of application:

The surfaces intended for sealing should be dry, free of any foreign particles or dirt, and stable (not crumbling). The maximum moisture allowed in concrete should be 5%. Rolls must be used at 3x3 cm intervals with a repair material such as Bitumen REPAIR or KOSTER MORTAR REPAIR in all wall-floor joints. At least 15 days must pass after the concrete is poured to ensure that the surface is suitable for the application of this product and is completely dry.

If the concrete surfaces are not free of dust, the adhesion can be improved by applying "Aqua Foxy" epoxy primer at a rate of between 300 - 500 g/m2 or full coverage. Allow 6-8 hours for drying.

surface preparation:

BPU 10: 12,000 I BPU 10V: 100,000 (cps) technical viscosity

Tear strength: 1.15 MPa

Elongation: 780%

Cold resistance: -25°C

Heat resistance: 85 degrees Celsius

Adhesion strength of concrete: > 3 MPa

Water resistance: remains intact after 24 hours of drying


10 BPU is used to seal wet rooms, balconies, flat roofs, basement walls and open tunnels.

Intended use:

10 BPU is a one-component sealant consisting of polyurethane/bitumen. Upon application, it creates a strong and flexible opaque coating with excellent adhesion to various surfaces. It can be applied with a brush, spoon, roller or spray.

V10 BPU is a similar material but with a thicker consistency, designed for vertical surfaces and rolls.

Product description

של ביטום BPU 10
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