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  • Characterizing needs and planning specific specifications for the building are one of the basic cornerstones for starting work even before the first casting, in the architectural/engineering planning phase.
  • Planning correct sealing specifications that match the building's needs may save huge financial damages and heartache later on.
  • Supervision of the process in the various stages of the work is no less important than the planning stage, since incorrect execution of sealing and not according to the plans will not give the desired result.

We bring our innovative touch to every project, proving that nothing is impossible.

projects and clients planning waterproofing systems

Educational institutions and museums


Technin Haifa Student Village

Beit Hild Tel Aviv Golomb St

Moshe Sharet School Tel Aviv

Ariel University

Bnei Brit Community Center Tel Aviv Jaffa

Tel Hai School, Tel Aviv

  Naomi Shemer School Tel Aviv 

מעונות סטודנטים טכניון חיפה

Aviation and security


 (Aviation) Sde Ein Shemer

Elevator shafts to a depth of 160 meters

The base of the tribe is different buildings

Special projects for the Mashbat

מנחת תעופה איטום חדר טרפו

A residential building is saturated


Gan Yavne - the green Yavne Ibko

Elad - Ibko

Jaffa Port Pivco project - Shagraoi Leibovitz

Pitman 88 Ahad Ha'am St. Tel Aviv 

Ariel - Nitzani cottages neighborhood Ariel 

איטום מגורים הדר יוסף

Industry and food


Ariel Wine Research Institute

Rotem Safety Beer Sheva

Beit Yehoshua Logistics Center

Particle Accelerator

Dimona Food Factory

יעוץ איטום למפעלים ומכוני מחקר

Parks and amusement facilities


Beer Sheva River Park 5300 dunams

Umm Al Fahm Football Stadium

Holon Marine Water Park

Waterland Eilat water park

The water park in Netivot (under construction these days)

Givat Shmuel Water Park 

פארק כלניות נחל באר שבע

Offices and trade


Headquarter of Mizrahi Bank Tefahot Lod

Sokolov Hod Hasharon Commercial Center

M TOWER office tower Beer Sheva

Migdal Stern Petah Tikva  

יעוץ איטום למגדלי משרדים

Hotels and recreation centers


Hillel Hotel Jerusalem

Hotel Opal Eilat

Fatal Lilienbloom Tel Aviv hotel

Fatal hotels Tel Aviv reception center

Sun Rise Hotel, Kibbutz Eilot, Petal chain

  Ben Sira Hotel Jerusalem

מלון איילות

Medical centers


Ariel Medical Center, Faculty of Medicine

Meir Kfar Saba Hospital

Klalit Tel Aviv Health Insurance Fund

Gaha Nursing Hospital

יעוץ איטום למרכזים רפואיים ובתי חולים

Transportation and infrastructure


Route 531

Raanana train stations

 Savidor train station, central Tel Aviv, underground bicycle parking lot

Underground bicycle parking Herzliya train station

Beer Sheva Railway Station 

תחנת רכיטום תחנת רכבת

special projects

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