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A synagogue with a purification mikve 

Internal sealing

The mikvah is cast as a whole, in one casting of concrete reinforced with sealing materials. Tightening is then performed by vibration.


External sealing

The outer walls of the mikveh are coated with a water-repellent sealing material.



The treasures are small pools located below the water level in the mikvah. The treasures are used to store rainwater, which is replaced by rainwater kept in a large pool above the level of the treasures.


The roof of the mikvah

The roof of the mikvah is used to collect rainwater. The roof of the Mikava must be free of objects and when necessary, a system of concrete pipes and rubber, wood or cork stoppers are regulated in the assembly. It is forbidden to use metal faucets in the roof of the mikvah.



The sealing system of Mikve Tahara is a complex and extremely important system. Improper sealing may cause water to leak, which invalidates the mikvah.


Additional Comments

Additional sealing methods can be used, such as sealing sheets or sealing coating.

Periodic sealing tests must be performed to ensure that the system is properly sealed.

איטום פוליאוריה הדור הבא של מערכות איטום
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