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Moshe Katz waterproofing consultant  planning and implementing waterproofing technologies

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Ayalon Police Department, waterproofing consulting project

Sealing advice for those who do not compromise on quality, at a possible price.

sealing-consultant, sealing and insulation consultant

We have been providing solutions for 25 years

Effective sealing and insulation consulting 

the task

Seal failures can be an expensive and annoying problem. They can cause damage to the structure, its contents and the health of the people who live in it. There are many reasons for seal failure, but one of the most common causes is poor design.

For the planning and supervision of M.S.Y. Technologies under the management of Moshe Katz is at your service to provide advanced sealing consulting services. 

Sealing systems
Waterproofing consulting for any small or large project

Sealing failures can be caused by poor design, improper workmanship or other factors. To avoid sealing failures, it is important to consult with a qualified professional during the planning of the building and to perform the work correctly. The optimal solution for sealing will depend on several factors, such as the type of building, the weather conditions in the area and other factors. A qualified professional will be able to choose the ideal solution to protect your structure from water damage.

Focus on an optimal solution by field


Sealing failures resulting from poor planning can be prevented with more attention when planning the structure. It is important to consult with a qualified professional to ensure that the structure is properly designed to withstand water damage.

Sealing problems can also be caused by incorrect work in construction addition projects and TMA 38 projects. It is important to make sure that the contractor uses suitable materials and sealing methods. It is also important to make sure that the contractor performs the work correctly and according to the standards.

Drywall wet rooms without concrete belts under the plaster walls are another common source of sealing failure. Concrete belts help prevent water from seeping into the walls and provide support for the plaster walls. Without concrete belts, wet rooms may be vulnerable to water damage.

If you are concerned about sealing problems, it is important to contact a qualified professional for advice. A professional will be able to inspect the structure and identify potential problems. He will also be able to recommend an optimal solution to avoid sealing problems in the future.

Sealing in residential construction


Waterproofing consulting for saturated residential construction

in security facilities and hazardous materials. Poor sealing can cause serious damage, including:

Leaks of dangerous substances, which may pollute the environment, harm people's health and cause other risks.

Infiltration of water or other substances into facilities, which may damage equipment, buildings and people.

Damage to the facility's security, which may allow hostile elements to enter the facility or remove dangerous materials.

Therefore, it is important to ensure high-quality sealing in security facilities and hazardous materials. It is important to use quality sealing materials, install them correctly and perform periodic tests to make sure they are working properly.

Sealing security facilities and airports


Sealing consulting and systems for airports and security

Some tips for effective sealing in public pools and spa facilities:

  • Use sealing mats specially designed for swimming pools and spa facilities.

  • Implementation of waterproofing systems for swimming pools, by a qualified professional.

  • Perform periodic sealing tests to make sure the sealing system is working.

  • Maintain the pool or spa regularly to keep users healthy.

Swimming pools and hotels


Waterproofing consulting for spa and resort hotels

A service that is a shell 

In the first stages of preparing the project planning, you go over the project plans, sit with the project manager and vote on

Critical reference points on sealing issues.

Project planning


Before planning the sealing specifications for the project, a meeting is held with all the project consultants, to make sure that there are no conflicting points in the project planning.

Meetings with the planning authorities


Conducting a site visit of the project is intended to see problematic points that may arise within the immediate environment of the project. Not every project is required to conduct a site visit if things are clear enough.

field visit


The preparation of the sealing specifications involves a lot of thought in view of the conditions in which the project is located, for example "groundwater" toxic gases" "swelling ground" and more.

Specifications and materials


With the start of the sealing works in the project, the sealing contractor must be accompanied all the way, and make sure that he fully understands the sealing specifications and knows how to apply them.

Escort and control


Examples of projects 

יועץ איטום לבית השגריר הסיני בהרצליה

Chinese Embassy Herzliya Pituach


​ Ra'anana Railway East Sealing Consulting

Ra'anana Mizrah train


יעוץ וליווי פרויקט איטום גג בצלאל רושלים

Bezalel Jerusalem


יועץ איטום ובידוד לפרויקטים לשימור

Beit Pitman for the preservation of one mother Tel Aviv


יועץ איטום לפרויקט מט"ש איילון

  Ayalon police station in Ramla  


יועץ איטום מגדלי משרגים בכל הארץ

M Tower   Beer Sheva


יעוץ איטום לפרקי נופש ובריכות שחיה

Waterland - Eilat's water park


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